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ALEKSANDRA ILIČ - contemporary fashion designer for unique knitwear from Ljubljana, that is attracting more and more attention over wide slovenian fashion scene. Her brand ALEKSANDRA is today a second name for dream unique knitwear, full of colours, esotheria and colour contrasts, that find their way to sophisticately unite with knitted textures and woven fabrics. Keen of natural thread, such as wool, silk, and cotton, she combines them into golden highlights of featherly lace, knitwear and accessories. Her creations are fully one of a kind, because Aleksandra knitts materials into sculptures rather than making only clothes. Every piece breathes its own life in sinergy with owner, thus seeking strong and independent personalities to wear them.
With her intense colour expressionism, combination of different materials and variety of technics, Aleksandra brings to our fashion space air of freshness and irreproducibility. Her designer clothes are attractive both to women and men, because they make a brand of pure freedom, comfort and pleasure. Woman wearing them is fully radiant, selfconfident and positively oriented, yet loves being different and loves being noticed. Men who like to envelope themselves into Aleksandra's esotheria, want to get out of the uniform commonnes of today's fashion industry. Those people don't need just another trademark label, they want a personal touch. And Aleksandra can give it to them.